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John and Virginia RudzinskasWelcome to our web site! We've been surfing the Web since 1993 and thought it was time to put up our own Web site. We decided to learn Dreamweaver CS3 for this project and along the way we updated Photoshop and added Flash to our software arsenal. We've enjoyed working with digital photography since 1998 when we bought our first digital camera, the odd-shaped Kodak DC40. Around the same time we bought a scanner that included Photoshop 3.5 as part of the software bundle. Since then, we have amassed a huge collection of photos that we've taken around our home, during day trips and vacations throughout the United States, Africa, Europe, Mexico and Canada.

View from our living room deck

We live in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills of Northern California. We get some spectacular sunrises, stunning sunsets and sensational storms. When that happens, we grab our cameras and start snapping away. Our hard drive is packed with thousands of pictures of our home and surroundings. This picture above, on the right, shows a cool, sunny fall morning with a fog bank blanketing the surrounding foothills.

In this area of the foothills, redbuds generally start to bloom in early March. They display a deep magenta color that contrasts beautifully with the green hillside. Sometimes storms arise creating dramatic lighting effects. A picture of a storm with dramatic lighting effects at home in MarchThis storm combined an ominous ceiling along with a wide expanse of billowy clouds.

El Dorado County contains many rolling hills dotted with redbuds (Cercis occidentalis), digger pines, manzanita, mules ears and a host of other interesting plants. It is also home to "Gold Country". Gold was discovered in nearby Coloma in 1848. (We haven't discovered any yet.) Also, nearby is Placerville, a.k.a., Old Hangtown.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are directly to the east of us. Maybe that's why we get so many glorious sunrises. Sometimes the sky will be just a light pink and other times it will be a dark red mixed with gold and deep blue. It's often so pretty we can't help but snap away. Thank goodness for digital photography. The pictures below are some of our sunrises and sunsets taken throughout the years.

Lower left is the side yard palm tree by gazebo July 2004, lower right is front side yard at sunrise.

Sunset at home, looking west past the gazeboOne of our sunrises looking east towards the barn

Lower left picture is a rainbow by the barn in April 2005, lower right picture is another rainbow by the barn. Rainbow over barn at homeRainbow over barn at home

The lower left picture is of a front yard sunrise taken November, 2010. The picture on the right the side yard gazebo on a foggy morning in November 2008. Misty shot of our gazeboSunrise at home looking north towards the Sierra Mountains

The picture below, on the left was taken in December 2008 and is looking out the back towards Sacramento.. The picture on the right is of a front yard sunrise taken in May 2006.

Stormy view off back deck
One of our sunrises with interesting clouds

The picture on the left below is a front side yard sunrise in December, 2006. The picture on the right below is a sunrise over our oleanders in July 2007.

Sunrise at home looking towards the Sierra Mountains, the Oleanders are in Bloom too.
Colorful sunrise at home

The picture on the left below was taken in March 2010 on a stormy night. You can see a slight rainbow on the left. The picture on the right was taken in March of 2008.

Our front circle with a rainbow and the redbuds are in bloom.Back yard, redbuds in bloom

The picture on the left is of the rolling fog in November, 2007. The picture on the right below is of our sunrise, 2008.

The morning fog rolling up from the valleySunrise with oleanders in bloom

The picture on the left is of the front of our house in April 2006. The picture on the right is of the back of the house.

Our housethe back of the house on a sunny day

This is a picture of one of our back yard sunsets taken in January, 2016 with Mt Diablo on the horizon.

Sunset with Mt Diablo on horizon


This is another sunset taken in our back yard in February 2016

Sunset in back yard


Side yard retaining wall in March 2016

Side yard retaining wall


Double rainbows in front yard, May, 2016.

Front yard sunset with double rainbows


Front yard sunset with double rainbow.

Front yard at sunset