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Most recipes for Turkey Tetrazzini call for a béchamel sauce, in which milk is added to a roux (a paste made from fat and flour that is cooked on the stovetop). In switching to a velouté, which is based on chicken stock rather than milk, it brightenes up the texture and the flavor of the Turkey Tetrazzini recipe. I use less sauce than most recipes call for, giving the other ingredients a chance to be tasted. I also added a shot of sherry and a little lemon juice and nutmeg.

Turkey Tetrazzini free decorative printable recipe

This Turkey Casserole is a great way to use leftover turkey!

Turkey Casserole free decorative printable recipe

For the following recipe for Chicken Piccata, use thinly sliced cutlets available at many supermarkets. These cutlets don't have any tenderloins and can be used as they are.

Chicken Piccata free decorative printable recipes